The Libraryman Speaks

Ohai.  Welcome to my new blog, Libraryman.  A little about me: My name’s Matthew White, and I recently graduated from UW-Milwaukee with an MLIS.  I live in St. Paul, MN with my wonderful wife, Andrea, and our bunny, Usagi Yojimbo.  I had a blog in college – actually, I had a few blogs in college – but none of them really fit where I want to be right now.  I needed a new start – you are looking at it.

My primary goal for this blog is to write every day, or nearly every day.  I don’t want to have any blog memes on the blog, I want it to be real writing and thoughts each day.  I’d like to cover more than just personal things, too – I want to talk about libraries, MLIS programs, new innovations and technologies, and my ongoing job search as I try to break into the library field.  I also want to talk, at least sometimes, about Christianity, progressive politics, and a few other topics, but I have an account on DailyKos that I’d like to use more for that sort of thing.  I’m sure it’ll bleed onto here, though.  In fact, given the community at DailyKos, I’m more likely to write about faith’s intersections with politics here than there – I’ve noticed a tendency to shoot Christians first and ask questions later on DKos.  Of course, video games and roleplaying games will get discussed here as well, just because they’re part of my life.  So you can be sure that this will be a varied and complicated blog, but I’ll try to tag things well so that you can hunt through things better.

So that’s the “who I am and why I’m here” discussion.  I may post up some job search stuff later today, but I’ve got some kind of serious googly-moogly cold and it might have to wait until tomorrow.

Incidentally, the name of the blog is borrowed from a Penny Arcade comic strip.  Sadly, a quick search of the internet proves that I am not innovative in any regard.  Too bad, internetz!  The Libraryman is here to stay.



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